Lat. obsidiāri.

Strongly pressuring someone.

The siege of Sarajevo marked the longest siege in the recent history of Western Europe, and in my child’s retinas, the event whose images have been recorded as a turning point in my quest for knowledge and gears the world around me. Sunday after Sunday,The newspaper used to have photographs of a conflict at the gates of Europe, one modern and dynamic city totally devastated , capital  of the Olympic Winter Games eight years ago, and what one does not understand the motives or reasons of conflict, unless indicated to us who were the good guys, and especially those who were bad.
Those images startled me, and over the years have become the starting point of comparison for any image as usual in times of destruction that we witness cursed.

Two decades after the end of that fateful conflict, my city, Jerez, bears since 2008 the new war that shook Europe. History proved that weapons only give symbolic and perishing victorys, Pírricas dominations in its most concrete sense, and are other factors that create the foundation for large-scale dominations. The new weapon Army XXI century is the economy, and my city without a flame cannon pointing to his heart, he is under by debt and unemployment that crack and become a besieged city without its inhabitants often realize the delicate ground I walk on. Near 40% unemployment, with one of the highest debts by population in the country, and the paralysis of one accustomed to patronage false leading city, town homes without remedy fortunate than many other cities in history have run in the past.
After a long walk through the streets, and do no more than bring memories the images of little of what was besieged Sarajevo, I decided to show unretouched like my city is today, and because when I walk through it my mind conjures these small pictures he saw. It If I get with it’s own citizens we realize the seriousness of the situation have won something with it. If shown outside the city on the other hand, the tragedy we live the Jerezanos no hint of small-scale solution, will have won another battle. Anything is better than leaving to see, hear or say.

Here are just places without more, simple images, which have assumed our eyes everyday, but enough perspective could frighten and to realize that we must retrain our eyes to be objective and act accordingly. I do not point out the places, or point out the culprits, who sees decide and think.
Our hands are that must accept our reality or to fight for change.

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